Enforce Immigration Laws
End Guest Worker Programs
End Affirmative Action
Restore the Nation
Enforce Immigration Laws
End Guest Worker Programs
End Affirmative Action
Restore the Nation


Call in number : 920-462-8138‬ PIN: ‪835 937 056‬#

Core Conservative Issues

Enforce Immigration Laws

A nation is not valid if its laws can be ignored and its borders are irrelavant. The immediate and unconditional enforcement of valid US immigration is one of two primary components of my campaign. (All Issues)

Protect US Workers

Guest worker programs such as H1B Visas and L1 Visas are not needed and massively abused. They destroy the wages of Americans and have grown far too large. I will work to end these programs as well as the EB5 Visa program. (All Issues)

Restore the Nation

With these two planks in place, I will work to ensure that first amendment rights are enforced on the internet, that we do not waiver on the second amendment, end affirmative action, and begin the work to restore the fourth amendment. (All Issues)

Policy Pledge - End illegal immigration and guest worker programs

Once elected, I will demand that our nation's immigration laws be immediately and unconditionally enforced. I will work to end guest worker programs and work to end affirmative action laws. Read My Pledge

Weekly Town Halls

Phone Meeting

Call in to my weekly town halls

I hold weekly telephone town halls. I introduce myself and my platform and then take questions. You can use the google hangout or call this number - 1 442-600-5878‬ - and enter this pin - 788 638 033‬#

I am the only candidate in the race that endorsed and supported
President Trump prior the November 2016 election. I did this because
illegal immigration must be addressed and it must be addressed immediately.

Joshua Foxworth
About the candidate

Joshua Foxworth

Joshua was born and raised in district 14 and has lived there most of his life. He is a Christian and a veteran of the United States Marine Corps' Reconnaissance units. He attended the University of Texas at Austin where he recieved a BS and MS in Aerospace Engineering. He has worked in the space program and as a tech entrepreneur.
(full bio and why I am running)

Voting Dates

Early voting for the election will be February 18-28 and the final vote will be March 3.

Debate, interviews, and articles

I have appeared on a number of podcasts, radio shows, and TV shows. These include the Wilkow Majority, the Chris Salcedo show, Stefan Molyneaux, The Girls from Texas, and the Red Elephants. These items as well as a debate between Congressman Weber and myself and links to articles that I have written are available on the media page.

"America First" Means Americans Come First

We cannot allow a single dollar to be spent on the welfare, education, or health care of foreign citizens while our children, elderly, and veterans go without.

The plan

Why is law enforcement the proper method
  • Enforce existing laws that fine employers
  • No new legislation is needed
  • Illegal aliens cannot obtain jobs, welfare, or free health care
  • Illegal aliens will return to their homes
  • Those that remain will be deported when they come into contact with law enforcement

Ethics Pledge - Meet with people, not lobbyists

I will not meet with lobbyists nor accept lobbyist money I will hold at least one telephone town hall a month and at least four in person town halls a year. Read My Pledge

Issues and Plans

The links below provide an explanation of my plans for numerous issues.

Give me the mandate to stop illegal immigration

I want to meet with you

If you live in or around Texas' 14th Congressional District, I want to meet with you. Connect with me at (832) 447-7788 through email at foxworthfortexas@protonmail.com or through facebook or twitter.
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