The right to life is immutable and we should never waiver in our position

I am opposed to the practice of abortion. I am a Christian, but I do not believe that I would support the practice of ending the life of a child if I followed another faith or I had no faith. On its face, the practice is abhorrant and has no place in our society.

Exceptions for cases where the mother's life is threatened are understandable, but the reality is that those case comprise a radically small portion of abortions.

I am not opposed to contraception, but I am opposed to the idea that contraception opens the door to a lifestyle that destroys young women and leads young men away from higher and more noble goals. Contraception is intended to help plan a family. it is not intended as a means to prevent entire generations of men and women from becoming who they were born to be.

The open presense of abortion in our society is both a cause and a representation of what has been done to our culture in the last few decades. However, the arc of justice is bending back towards life and the representative of Congressional district 14 should be a passionate and eloquent supporter of ending the practice of abortion.