Deficit Reduction

We need a plan to balance the budget immediately

The current deficit

Less than a decade ago, the House Republicans pushed for a balanced budget amendment. Today, the yearly deficit is more than one trillion dollars, the total debt is over $23 Trillion, and even at historically low interest rates, we are spending around 5% of our budget on interest payments on the debt.

This is not sustainable even in the short term. The primary costs must be addressed before the nation is in danger of defaulting.

One plan - eliminate costs, lower bureaucracy, repurpose the military

While no plan is bulletproof, there are a number of things that could be done to quickly and dramatically lower the amount of money that the US is spending yearly. These include changes to how the US enforces our laws as well as eliminating government departments which should not exist. It should be no surpise that these actions reiterate much of my general platform. These actions are :

  • Enforce immigration laws and remove illegal aliens
  • Reform immigration
  • Eliminate affirmative action and related bureaucracies
  • Repurpose the military
  • Eliminate the TSA and similar PATRIOT Act bureacracies
  • Address prescription drug costs
  • Audit/End the FED and Stop QE
  • Address Welfare and Social Security

Immigration is largest drive of costs

The dramatic expansion of both legal and illegal immigration into the US over the past few decades has driven an equally dramatic rise in the need for services. However, this same increase in immigration has driven down wages and placed a higher percentage of people below the line where they are now paying less into the system than they are taking out of it. Ending illegal immigration would lower costs, increase wages, and result in a massive upswing in the amount of money being brought in per person within the US.

The legal immigration system must also be reformed into one that does not upset this balance within America. A dramatic reduction in the numbers of legal immigrants coupled with ensuring that only the best come into the nation will help reduce the deficit.

Ending affirmative action

Affirmative action and the associated bureacracies are massive direct and indirect drains on the US economy. Ending these policies would result in a shift in the economy towards greater production and efficiency. Eliminating the associated departments at the state and federal levels would result in much lower costs. However, the true effects of this would not be seen immediately and it would take some time for the inefficiencies within our systems to work out. The potential savings coupled with the potential economic upswing could make this a big step in reducing our deficit.

Repurpose the military

The amount of money that the US spends on our military is not sustainable and not needed. We should withdraw our forces from Iraq and Iran and place our military on our southern border. We should reduce the number of US bases overseas and focus on retaining the highest quality Solders, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines. We should focus on advancing our military technology and eliminating our dependence on Chinese products.

The best defensive strategy for our nation is to ensure that OUR children are being educated in OUR universities - so that future generations have the leadership they need to sustain our civilization.

End unneeded bureacracies

With the border secure and the threats to our nation isolated, the need to monitor the activity of every US citizen is no longer valid. We can eliminate the TSA and other PATRIOT Act holdover departments. The cost savings from this is not massive in terms of percentage of the deficit, however we must begin the process of ensuring that once a governmental department is created, it then lasts forever.

Address prescription drugs

The United States allows pharmaceutical companies to sell drugs overseas at a fraction of the cost of what they are sold for here in the US. Eliminating this will lower the short and long term costs for US health care in the US. Allowing the US government to negotiate lower prices would also help. One of the primary drivers of our unfunded liabilities are these prescription drug costs. Addressing them will greatly improve our prosects for the future.

We should also ensure that we have as many doctors as possible by keeping our medical schools for our children and not educating doctors that will not remain in the US. This will increase research in the US and lower health care costs for services.

Audit the FED and end QE

In the early 1900's, the US government essentially lost control over much of its monetary policy to the newly created Federal Reserve. I would push to audit and end that private group and return control to congress. We must also end the practice of quantitative easing.

Both the federal reserve and QE are things that are designed to hide our debt and increase taxation through devaluation of the currency. This devaluation helps us pay down our debts, but it also makes an unstable base for the rest of the economy and greatly lowers the ability of those on fixed income to survive - which increases our liabilities both in terms of what we must pay to individuals as well as how many individuals need assistance.

Address welfare and social security

Social Security will soon be at a point where paying out what is owed is simply not financially possible. When that happens, "means testing" will be introduced. Soon thereafter, this means testing will slip into the middle class and anyone with a retirement account will no longer be eligible for social security. To ensure that this does not happen, we must first ensure that no one who entered the nation illegally can ever receive benefits based upon work that they did illegally. The only way to ensure that this happens is to ensure that no one here illegally can ever become a citizen.

We also need to ensure that we are meeting our obligations to those that paid into the system. Removing illegal aliens will lower the cost of living for seniors - lowering the need to raise payments and allowing them to live more comfortably. Once the above issues are addressed, we can look at social security and see what needs to be done to both ensure that the system continues to exist as well as does not destroy our children's futures.

In addition to this, intergenerational welfare must be ended. Welfare is intended to be a safety net. However, those that often need it to bridge the gap between jobs cannot obtain that support while at the same time there are those that exist on welfare in perpetuity. This must be ended.

This is merely a start

Many of these things would have drastic effects on the economy of the US. Once these items are put in place, we would then reassess the situation and see what cuts need to be made. However, the simple reality is that you cannot balance a budget when 10%-20% of your population are foreign citizens living illegally within your borders.

Joshua Foxworth versus Congressman Weber

Congressman Weber has put forth no plan nor endorsed any plan to address the deficit.

Congressman Weber has voted a number of times to raise the debt limit and for massive spending bills. These votes include the "Cromnibus" bill in 2018.