A New Direction for Education

US Schools - US Citizens

An end to taxing US citizens to educate other nations

Safe Schools

Violence of any kind cannot be tolerated


No Child Left Behind and similar programs are a harmful and must be ended

End Federal Guarantee on Loans

Let students declare bankruptcy on school loans - with the school losing the money

American Schools for American Children

We consider it a right that every child is entitled to a quality education. The quality of every American's education is diminished by every dollar taken from them and spent to educate or facilitate the education of citizens of other nations. It is fundamentally immoral to tax a citizen for the purposes of educating their child and then use that money for the education of children from another nation.

There are occassions where this is a direct practice, but often this theft is indirect. This comes in the form of bilingual education for those who do not speak english. It comes in the form of extra expenses to bring newly arrived children up to speed with American children. It comes in the form of extra expense to track, motivate, and understand why children from cultures with historically poor educational performance continue to underperform. It comes in the form of increased violence in our schools.

Perhaps most importantly, this theft comes in the form of denying American children access to University educations in favor of children of other nations - in part because of their race.

To address these issues, we must reform our immigration policy first. Second, we must drastically limit the number of foreign students at Universities. There is already a shortage of places for US students to attend college, undergraduate and graduate programs must be limited to 5% foreign students. At the end of this process, we can evaluate the system and reform it as necessary.

Safe Schools

In recent decades, there has been an explosion of violence in our schools. We must immediately end the Obama era policies that may prevent children from being punished. We must place harsher and quicker punishment on students that misbehave and permanently remove any students that consistently break the rules.

Every student should be entitled to a safe learning place, regardless of race or gender. If a student is threatened and assaulted at a school where they are a minority, they must be able to transfer to a safe school.

Mob racial violence cannot be tolerated. Every incident of violence where more than one student assaults another of a different race must default to be treated as a hate crime and investigated. Any time a student feels that they have been targetted because of their race, they must have access to federal assistance to relocate to schools where they are safer.

End No Child Left Behind

While the intent may have been noble, No Child Left Behind and the Obama administrations follow up - Winning the Future - are failures and should be repealed.

End Federal Loan Guarantees

The federal government currently does not allow citizens the right to remove education debt through bankruptcy. Ending this practice and forcing the university to lose that money will force colleges to act as businesses and ensure that the education they are providing to their students provides them with the means to make a living.

Allowing students to remove their debt and pass that loss to the colleges has multiple purposes. First, it protects the students by ensuring that colleges do not continue to grant degrees in subjects that provide no merit. Students can still take these classes, but it is likely that universities will require those students to pay the costs ahead of time and understand that the degrees are purely educational endeavors. Second, the departments within these universities that generate the racial hatred and violence cannot survive under these conditions. Ending the government funding of these departments is critical to ending the hatred they espouse.

Joshua Foxworth versus Congressman Weber

Congressman Weber has not addressed education.