Election Integrity

Our Republic rest on the consent of the governed

The most important component of a functional government is the belief of the citizens that their votes matter. Without a peaceful mechanism to influence the government, societies cease to function. In the United States, the integrity of our elections is no longer guaranteed. There are numerous counties with more registered voters than residents. There have been voting stations where 100% of the voters pulled the lever for the same candidate. Millions of citizens of foreign nations vote without fear of reprisal, and a major political party now advocates for the inclusion of foreign citizens in the voter rolls.

If our nation is to move forward, the reality of election fraud at every level must be acknowledged and addressed. A firm system of identification for every vote must be established and honored with harsh punishments for those that violate the law. In addition to this, we must establish a system of voting that is better suited to the modern lifestyle. Online voting should be established with a system that can be used to verify the legitimacy of the vote after the election.