My Pledge - Enforce Immigration Laws; End Guest Worker Programs

Enforce US Immigration Laws

Legal and illegal immigration are the most important issues in US politics. For decades, the American voters have selected candidates who pledged to end illegal immigration and for decades those promises have gone unfilfilled. Tens of millions of illegal aliens coupled with a similar number of legal migrants and refugess have strained our society and infrastructure beyond their breaking points. It is time for our government to begin serving the American people instead of the citizens of other nations.

I have pledged that once elected, I will do everything within my power to prevent the business of the government from going forward if the business of the government is to circumvent the will of the American people and to serve the citizens of other nations.

The simple fact is that there are more than enough laws in place to prevent any foreign national from coming to the US. Democrats do not want these laws enforced because they view illegal aliens as a future voting block. Republicans are financially supported by groups that use both legal and illegal aliens as a method to drive down the wages of American workers and reduce the cohesion of our society. This cannot be allowed to continue.

We will enforce the laws already in place to fine business owners that employ illegal aliens. We will deny any form of taxpayer assistance to the citizens of other nations. This includes access to government funded education and health care. These two actions will remove the incentives for illegal aliens to remain and most of them will self deport. This will also return the taxpayer money currently being used to educate foreign citizens to its proper role in the education of our own children.

A government that facilitates the University education of foreign citizens over its own citizens and veterans is not legitimate.

Protect US Workers

America is one of the most technologically advanced nations on the planet. The assertion that we need technical workers from nations that are far less advanced and with inferior educational systems to sustain our economy is not something that can be factually supported. Programs such as the H1B and L1 visas are filled with fraud and abuse and are being used to displace and replace American workers.

Legislation such HR 1044 and S386 have shown that these programs are footholds for foreign nationals who then redirect our entire immigration system. All guest worker programs must be ended and those workers who came here on these systems must return to their nations.

Build the wall

Nations have borders. If the people of other nations insist that we honor their borders and yet refuse to honor ours, then a physical barrier to prohibit illegal entry is both reasonable and effective. Any politican that opposes such a barrier for our nation but supports it for other nations is not acting in the best interest of the American people.

No birthright citizenship

Persons born in the United States to those that are not US citizens are not entitled to citizenship. We must recognize this fact and move forward accordingly.

Rethinking immigration policies - reciprocity

The United States is no longer a frontier nation. It is not too sparsely populated for the economy to function. We are not bound to provide entry and citizenship to anyone who seeks to come here. An alteration of the entire policy from this standpoint is necessary. This means an end to most visa programs, the lottery program, and bringing in extended families.

At the very least, a policy of reciprocity must be enacted. We will allow no nation's people to enter our lands unless that nation open its borders to the world and to us in a similar manner.

Joshua Foxworth compared to Congressman Weber

With respect to legal immigration, Congressman Weber supported and voted for HR 1044. He refused to explain this support until pushed in a forum on January 16, 2019. There, he stated that businesses were telling him that US graduates were not capable of doing the required jobs and therefore foreign labor was needed.

I absolutely reject the assertion that foreign workers and students are superior to US students and workers. These policies must be ended.

With respect to illegal immigration, since his first campaign, the Congressman has stated on his campaign website that illegal immigration was a "serious threat to national security." However, the congressman has taken no action. In addition to this, when approached by me and asked to take action on this issue, the response from the Congressman's office was that "as a conservative, the congressman would not support a government large enough to deport millions of people."

The congressman asserts that he does not have the power to act in this area, despite the repeated claim that he has the ear of the President. He puts forth no plan as to how to address the issue.