We should not abandon the definition of marriage

We were told that no one should care what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their own bedroom. Then we were told that the definition of marriage was not a man and a woman, but two people. We were told that any two people who wanted to live in a loving, committed relationship should have the same legal rights and protections as a man and a woman.

Just a few short years later, our children are read stories in government libraries by drag queens that are protected by the police. Children under the age of 10 perform drag shows for fully grown men for money and anyone who opposes this is labeled a bigot. Men and women with significant mental problems are given control over the narrative of what is right and wrong in this country and they tell us that some women have a penis. Dissention from this can ruin your educational prospects or destroy your career.

Marriage the bedrock of a functional society. The Republicans should never have abandoned this fight. We have the moral high ground and the other side is at odds with simple reality. This is yet another fight that Republicans were all to eager to pass on to the judicial branch.

We should stand by basic realities. Marriage is a man and a woman. Its purpose from a Christian perspective is to be a reflection of God's relationship with us. Its function in our society is to create and care for the following generation. It should have protections in legislation that honor how important this function is to us.

Joshua Foxworth versus Congressman Weber

Early in his career, the congressman filled out a questionnaire stating that he opposed gay marriage. He also spoke at a religious event related to abortion and stated his opposition to gay marriage there.