Restore the Nation

A restoration of basic civil rights

Restore the 1st Amendment

A guarantee of access for Americans to social media and to conduct business online - regardless of political viewpoint.

Protect the 2nd Amendment

No red flag laws. No registration. National concealed carry.

Restore the 4th Amendment

Stop Terrorists at the border, not children at the airport. Remove the threat to Americans from our countries and do not remove our liberties

Restore the 1st Amendment

Many Americans who voice mainstream opinions are subjected to the practice of "deplatforming". This is the practice of denying social media accounts, youtube channels, and even denial of the ability to accept payments for related and unrelated businesses through credit cards. In essence, only one point of view is allowed to be heard and those that speak up in opposition are economically punished.

The standard conservative viewpoint is that these are corporations that are acting in accordance with their own policies and as such the government should not intervene. This viewpoint is mistaken. We do not allow corporations that provide electricity, water, and other items to deny service on the basis of political viewpoint and these large corporations should be treated in the same manner. Youtube, Facebook, Google, and other platforms function as the public square and must be open to all Americans that do not explicitly violate specific rules.

If a citizen can force a family owned bakery to work for an event that goes against their religion, it can surely ensure that monopolies do not act to sway political opinion and punish dissenters in the US.

The unfortunate reality is that this is about much more than corporations. These institutions are largely foreign owned and as such it should come as no surprise that they promote the view point that America cannot have borders and that the native population has no right to organize. It cannot be surprising that they act to economically punish any American that speaks out in favor of their nation. We cannot allow foreign nations to influence American politics and punish American citizens. The right to access social media and payment processors should be recognized as a core aspect of American freedom and corporations that do not grant these rights cannot be allowed to operate in the US.

In addition to this, the right to peaceably assemble has all but evaporated in America. Groups like Antifa use violence and intimidation with the full support of the police, the media, and the Democratic party. This group - and others like it - must be labeled as domestic terrorists and their finances investigated to see which foreign nations are funding them and targetting US citizens.

Protect the Second Amendment

No ground must be given with respect to the second amendment. Support for red flag laws cannot be tolerated in the Republican. We must work for a national right to carry as well as constitutional carry. (See second amendment page).

Restore the 4th Amendment

In the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks, Americans were convinced to give up a number of freedoms. This was done under the guise that the government was attempting to root out Islamic extremism. In that same time, immigration from islamic nations that are hostile to Americans was increased and little to nothing has been done to address the rise of anti-Americanism amongst this group and extremist elements coming from south of the border.

Rather than searching little old ladies at the airport and monitoring every US citizen, a better approach is to simply prevent the threat from entering the nation.

I will work to end the TSA and to end the surveillance nation growing within the US. I will also work to reduce the threat of terror in the US by addressing the sources of the hatred that spawns that terrorism. America's intelligence and threat reduction apparatus will be aimed at those that threaten us instead of at its patriots.

Joshua Foxworth versus Congressman Weber

Congressman Weber has not addressed the ongoing infractions of first amendment rights and does not discuss the fourth amendment or the PATRIOT Act.

See the second amendment page for the comparison there.