The Second Amendment

The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed

Protect 2nd Amendment

Prevent Congress from passing new laws restricting second amendment

Protect Heritage

The reasons why we have the second amendment must not be forgotten

National Reciprocity

Concealed carry permits should be honored by all states

Protect the Second Amendment and its Heritage

The second amendment was written into the Constitution to ensure that Americans could defend themselves against both a tyranical government and a common criminal. Any government that seeks to limit that right is exactly the kind that must be defended against.

Assertions that the founding fathers could not have envisoned a machine gun or a modern assault rifle and therefore did not intend citizens to have access to such things is ludicrous - an assault rifle is much closer to a musket than the internet is to a printing press.

Push for National Reciprocity

A concealed carry permit issued in one state must be honored in all states. A man's rights do not end at the state borders.