Term Limits

We are in desperate need of term limits

When our nation constituted our government, we did so with the belief that corrupt and incompetent representatives would be voted out of office. As the nation has evolved, the two party system has made it harder and harder for bad representatives to be challenged in a primary and there are very few districts that flip party loyalty from one vote to the next. This has made it increasingly difficult to remove bad representatives.

Terms limits is one solution that I support. I believe that this limit should be set at 12 years for both Senators and House Represenatatives. If elected, I would propose and support such legislation. Twelve years is two full terms for a Senator and an equal amount of time in the House is reasonable.

There is a pledge circulating that many candidates have signed which pledges to back term limits at 12 years for Senators and 6 years (3 terms) for House members. This would lead to a situation where committee chairs and even the House Speaker each have a maximum of 4 years experience. I do not believe that this is the optimum solution.

Joshua Foxworth compared to Congressman Weber

Congressman Weber does not address term limits. He did not cosponsor legislation to enact term limits. Joshua Foxworth would support term limits as described above.