Support for our veterans

Our nation has been at war for almost two decades. We have generations of veterans that suffer from long term physical impairments as well as life long emotional damage. Many of these veterans will need financial assistance for the entirety of their lives. In addition to this, our veterans are ending their own lives at an unspeakable rate.

It is a crime of unspeakable proportions that citizens of other nations receive health care, an education, housing, and other benefits while the men and women that serve this nation are discarded by the political ruling class that sent them to war. As a member of congress, I will not allow one cent of spending to go towards the benefit of citizens of other nations while our own veterans are in need. This not something that should be controversial on any level and any politician that opposes it should be removed from office as they are not acting in the best interest of the nation that they represent.

In addition to this, I will ensure that the US ends its wars in the middle east and that we not enter another war unless our nation is directly threatened.

Joshua Foxworth compared to Congressman Weber

This isn't something that is really fair to do a comparison on. I wish that Congressman Weber would do something to stop the allocation of resources to foreign citizens while veterans are in need, but I do not believe in any way that the Congressman does not support veterans.