My Pledge

My Pledge - Policy

Immigration, the budget, life, marriage, health care. No matter the issue, "conservatism" in America has become synonomous with "lose with dignity." I will break from this pattern.

A government that refuses to enforce the laws of the nation on foreign people while giving financial and legal preferences to those same foreign peoples over US citizens is not a legitimate government. A government that imports workers that are not needed to displace and replace Americans is not legitimate. My pledge to the constituents of Texas's congressional district 14 is that I will not allow the government to carry out its business if the business of this government is to circumvent the will of the citizens and allow the nation's people to be displaced and discrimated against.

We will not negotiate the application of our laws with the citizens of other nations. We will not allow the government or corporations to displace us with foriegn workers. We will not engage in a debate concerning the equality of our children.

I will demand that our laws be enforced, work to end guest worker Visa programs, and work to end affirmative action

I will not vote for a spending bill that maintains a deficit or does not put the nation on a path to a balanced budget within a couple of years

I will not vote to reauthorize the current overseas wars

I will not vote to reauthorize the PATRIOT Act

My Pledge - Ethics

Lobbyist money has corrupted the leadership in Washington. I will not meet with paid lobbyists nor accept money from any lobbyist.

I will hold at least one telephone town hall a month with the time and numbers distributed well ahead of time. I will hold at least four in person town halls a year.