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Where the money will go

Congressional campaigns can be very expensive. I don't believe that they have to be. I am going to knock on tens of thousands of doors and meet with thousands more.

That being said, I will need money for campaign material, facebook ads, housing and food for volunteers, and potentially radio ads. The amounts below are the first "tier" of what I will do with the funds. Once we raise more than this amount, we will focus on additional items. If enough money is raised, we will alter our strategy to more expensive methods of advertising.

Here is what your money will go towards right now if you choose to donate. This amount is around $20,000. I believe that I can be competitive with this amount because of the amount of time that I am putting into campaigning as well as the strength of the message. The bottom line is that when I talk to people, many of them share these views and they are simply waiting for someone to support.

Flyers, door hangers, handouts
Yard signs and larger signs
Mass Texts
Targeted Facebook ads
Housing and food for volunteers